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Why Arm Sleeves Make a Good Mother’s Day Gift + Promo Sale!

May 01, 2021 5 min read

Why Arm Sleeves Make a Good Mother’s Day Gift + Promo Sale!

We hope you have your calendars marked for 9 May; Mother’s Day is almost here! To all the wonderful ladies out there, we see you, and we appreciate you. This year, for Mother’s Day, we are showing our gratitude with a special sale. Read on to find more about our Mother’s Day promotions!

Why Choose Arm Sleeves as Gifts?

Mothers deserve all the recognition and gratitude for everything they do for us. What better way to show our love for them than with a gift? Perhaps you are a mother and are looking for a treat for yourself. Or you are searching for a present for a wonderful mother in your life. Arm sleeves can be one of the best gifts that you can give a woman, including yourself, and here is why:

  • Functional style accessory: Arm sleeves not only look good, but they are also practical. They are easy to carry around and can fit in your bag with ease. Whether you are looking to add a fun accessory to your outfit or just need some warmth when the AC is freezing, armwear can help with both. This is also helpful for women who wear a uniform. Putting on and removing an undershirt throughout the day as the temperature fluctuates can be a hassle. With arm sleeves, you can simply slip them on and off!
  • Layer for transitional weather: Spring and Fall come with beautiful yet unpredictable weather patterns. The mid-day sun feels scorching hot, but the mornings and evenings are still chilly. And if you bring a light jacket or a cardigan along, you are stuck carrying it around all afternoon. Sleeves can be a fantastic solution to that. Since they are lightweight, you can put them in your handbag when you are done. No need to carry around that extra weight!
  • Protection for thin skin and eczema: Arm sleeves can also be terrific for people with thin skin and eczema. As we age, our skin gets thinner, which can cause injuries easily. Our skin also develops lower tolerance to harsh sunlight with age. Arm sleeves provide an extra layer of protection against rough surfaces and save you from direct sunlight. Armwear can provide relief from eczema itchiness and can be used for wet and dry therapy, too. Talk about multi-usage!
  • Great travel essential: Traveling requires no-fuss items that serve various functions. Arm sleeves are easy to pack, great for airplane rides, can be worn through all weather, and can elevate your outfits. They can also be a life-saver if you are in a place that requires modest clothes and none of your tops cover up your arms! If you have tattoos and are in a place where they might be taboo, arm sleeves can help you conceal them so you will not violate local traditions.
  • Modest fashion wear: Some women prefer covering up their arms for cultural reasons, personal preferences, or stylistic choices. But long-sleeved tops and dresses might not always be a viable option. Perhaps it is too hot for a full-sleeved garment, or something that caught your eye simply does not come in a more modest choice.Activewear also usually comes in short-sleeved or sleeveless options, and the full-sleeved ones are more geared for the winter months. Arm sleeves can be a solution to all these problems! 
  • Must-have for tall women: A problem all tall women face is the lack of clothing options that entirely cover their long limbs. If you are tired of your top’s sleeves riding up each time you move, armwear can be the perfect accessory for you. They will stay put, fully cover your arms, and add a certain flair to your outfit every time!

Mother’s Day Sale and Specials at Alta-8

We have more in store for Mother’s Day! We are also running a special sale - buy a pair of sleeves and get the other pair 50% off. Use the code MamaInSleeves to make use of this special promotion. To sweeten the deal even further, if you are buying Alta 8 arm sleeves as a gift and let us know. We will also add a card with your order!

Which Pair to Choose?

Alta 8 currently offers twenty-two different sleeves, so you have a wide variety to choose from. But too many options can be confusing and make your selection process more difficult. So, we put together this handy guide to help you choose the perfect one!

  • The Jersey Collection: For people who prefer solid fabrics and neutral colors. Our jersey collection is made of sleeves in classic colors. So, they are easy to mix and match. They will always be the safest option!

  • Our Jersey sleeves come in Black,Beige, and Light Grey

  • The Crushed Velvet Collection: For people who like texture, sheen, and bold colors. Our Crushed Velvet collection has a wonderful shine that catches the light in beautiful ways. These sleeves are for women who like to add a hint of surprise to their outfits.

  • Our Crushed Velvet Collection is available in Olive Green, Navy Blue, Black, Burgundy, Off-White, and Chestnut

  • The Ribbed Velvet Collection: For people who like to mix tradition and personality into their clothes. This collection is a sister collection to our Crushed Velvet Collection. The Ribbed Velvet sleeves are reminiscent of corduroy, which gives them an interesting texture. Complete with a captivating sheen and soft to touch, this collection is for women who can bask in the spotlight.

  • The Ribbed Velvet Collection comes in shades of Magenta, Chocolate, Black, Navy Blue, Light Grey, and Rosé.

  • The Lace Collection: For people who like the mystery of floral lace. Our Lace collection features a delicate rose pattern and sheer undertones. These sleeves are feminine, fabulous, and intriguing. They can instantly make any outfit fancier. They are an excellent option for women looking to add more glamor to their lives!

  • The Lace Collection is available for purchase in Black, White, and Rosé.

  • The Mesh Rouche Collection: For people who are not afraid to experiment with their style but don’t mind being low-key at times. The Mesh Rouche collection has a sheer construction with a gathered fabric look. It is the perfect mix of Old Hollywood and Avant-Garde style. Depending on how you style them, they can either make your outfit pop more or give you a timeless, classic appeal. These are sleeves that you can be creative with!

  • Our Mesh Rouche Sleeves come in Black and White.

  • The Extra Factor: For people who want to stand out but do not want to be too out there. Our Marble Sleeves have a luxurious marble pattern in a grey and black combination. So, you get a unique design with colors that you can still easily work with. Another pair of great sleeves for this is our Anaconda arm sleeves. These sleek and shiny sleeves feature a snake pattern in glossy black color. This way, you still get some pizazz while sticking to a classic hue.

  • Our Marble and Anaconda sleeves provide you with an extra factor. 

    We hope that this guide helps you find the perfect armwear for your mother's style. She's sure to love the gift that is as unique as she is. And she will love you regardless because you are her favorite child! 

    Piaget Abbasi
    Piaget Abbasi

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