Lace Arm Sleeves: Luxurious and Sustainable Style

Lace arm sleeves from Alta-8 are a versatile accessory that elevate your look instantly. Expertly crafted by fashion industry insiders from cutting room extras, acquiring a pair of Alta-8’s arm sleeves is a unique way of owning an exclusive piece from an active atelier.

Each pair of arm warmers from Alta-8 is limited edition. There’s absolutely no mass production or fast fashion here: each pair is made from carefully selected fabric and only available until they sell out, making them the perfect accessory for fashionistas who revel in original, authentic style.

How you can achieve sustainable style with lace arm sleeves

More and more, premium fashion labels are incorporating environmental considerations into the creation of their designs and being accountable for their overall impact. We’re proud to say Alta-8 is one of them.

Each and every one of our arm sleeve designs is crafted from recycled materials appropriated from fabric off-cuts. That’s how we ensure our arm covers are always in vogue - because they’re an accent of a designer’s main feature.

Our behind-the-scenes atelier access allows Alta-8 to help you become stylishly sustainable:

  • New prints selected daily, reducing fabric wastage
  • Varieties of prints, fabrics and patterns to transform outfits with one accessory. No more one-wear ensembles!
  • All orders are dispatched with minimum packaging, so you don’t have to feel bad about wastage
  • When you order from Alta-8, you’re supporting a sustainable small business.

How to wear lace arm warmers

Lace is synonymous with evening wear, however Alta-8 gives you the freedom to slip these arm covers on to elevate your look to the next level, no matter what you’re wearing.

Evening ensembles are given a feminine, delicate feel when there’s an element of lace incorporated, however it’s more versatile than you might think. A simple white T-shirt and cut-off denim shorts paired with chunky black ankle boots will be given some rock ‘n’ roll flair when a pair of lace arm warmers are slipped on.

They’re easy to wear and are crafted with just the right amount of stretch for a snug (but not too tight!) fit. Simply pull them up your arm and enjoy the length which reaches from the wrist to the upper arm. Layer jewellery over them or ruche them a little for a change in texture.

How you wear your unique arm sleeves is entirely up to you. Whether you’re attending elegant soirées or getting down at laid back gatherings, slip them on and bring your look to the next level with Alta-8’s lace arm sleeves.