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Ramadan Clothes Ideas for 2021: What to Wear During Ramadan?

April 13, 2021 4 min read

Ramadan Clothes Ideas for 2021: What to Wear During Ramadan?

The Holy month of Ramadan is upon us, and for Muslims, that means plenty of joy, prayers, celebrations, and shopping for Ramadan clothes. However, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar does not only carry a historical and religious significance. It also bears tremendous social importance.

Most Muslim’s upcoming month might be reserved for fasting throughout the day, but the evenings are also filled with Iftar invites. For those unaware, Iftar is the first meal you have after sunset, thus completing your fast for the day. And after the holy month is over, Muslims all across the world celebrate Eid for three entire days. It is a grand affair filled with fabulous traditional clothes. If you want to make a good impression this Ramadan, let’s take a look at all your outfit options!

What to Wear During Ramadan:

Ramadan is, above all, a religious month. It is only natural that most Muslim women feel the need to dress moremodestlyat this time. The women usually turn to traditional clothing that is more representative of their culture and their heritage.

Although Muslims often find themselves grouped together, the truth is that there is no single dress code that they follow during this time. Women in Pakistan might turn to their salwar kameez, while Middle Eastern women would prefer their abayas. If you are feeling unsure about what to wear during Ramadan, here are some tips that might help:

  • Think about functionality:Sure, you might want to step out in some glamorous embroidered tunic. But for most of the world, Ramadan falls right when the season starts to get warmer. Go for lightweight, breezy fabrics that will not weigh you down. The last thing you want to do when you are fasting is dealing with a heavy garment and overheat! 
  • Comfort is Key: Eid women’s clothes are usually a fancy affair. So, save your intricate pieces for those three days. During Ramadan, most women still have to go to work and are expected to perform their duties as usual. Dress in clothes that feel comfortable while you go about your day.
  • Layer Up: Is your cousin having an Iftar party, but you need to go there right after work? Search for pieces that you can layer with your outfit to turn it from work mode to party mode in an instance. A statement necklace, a silk scarf, a beautiful kimono, or even a pair ofarm sleeves can do the trick! Alta 8 has a wide variety of sleeves that come in various textures and colors. Match your sleeves with your outfit or use them to create a gorgeous contrast. It is all up to you! 
  • Keep it Subtle: Ramadan might have become a more social affair in recent years, but at its core, it is still a religious one. Be respectful of the history of the practice and keep your outfits relatively subtle. This is the month to acknowledge your blessings, be grateful for them, and give back to those who are not as fortunate. Let that humility show through your clothes. Save the extravagant pieces for your Eid outfits instead!

Ramadan Clothes Ideas:

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s get into somemodest outfit ideas: 

  • Shirt with a Maxi Skirt:This outfit combination has been around for almost a century, and for a good reason. It is chic, practical, and highly versatile. Depending on what shirt and skirt you choose, this combo can be everything: from an at-home outfit to an Oscars’ red carpet look. Are you not feeling the skirt? Switch it out with a pair of straight or flared pants for a different take on the classic look. It is just as easy to transform into a night look, too. Just exchange the work tote for a clutch, roll up your shirt sleeves, and let your arm wear peek from underneath.  
  • Long-Sleeved Maxi Dress: Yes, every Ramadan Pinterest board has this one pinned, and it is obvious why. Dresses in fabrics like silk and cotton can help keep you cool while still looking fashionable. While elaborate dresses can make for great modern Eid outfits, a simple one can be the most elegant choice for Ramadan.  
  • The Kimono Touch: Kimonos make for great outerwear during the Ramadan month. They are lightweight and come in various prints and patterns, which means more options for you! Break up a monochrome top and pant moment with a graphic kimono. Or stick to the neutrals and keep it low-key. A kimono will also add an extra dimension to your outfit and keep it interesting. 
  • Stick to Tradition: Rock your traditional clothing this Ramadan! Whether that be a saree or an abaya, embrace that side of your heritage and proudly flaunt your ethnic wear collection. Women who still live in their ancestral country might be used to this clothing. But young women who come from Muslim immigrant families rarely get a chance to wear their traditional clothes. Grab this chance to show the rich part of your history and have a lovely Ramadan!

Ramadan Kareem! We hope this gave you an idea of what to look for when you plan your Ramadan clothes; let us know in the comments if it did!

Piaget Abbasi
Piaget Abbasi

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