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Travel Essentials for Women: A Top 10 List of Must-Haves

Travel Essentials for Women: A Top 10 List of Must-Haves

Preparing yourself mentally for your trips but don’t know what the must-have travel essentials for women are? Let us give you a tour of some of our favourite products that always make it into our luggage regardless of the duration of our travel! The world might still be struggling to regain normalcy through the COVID-19 crisis but that does not mean we cannot prep for our future travel plans. And once travel becomes safe again, this list will make sure you are well-equipped for it: 

1. Travel Wallet:

We cannot count the number of times we have had to fumble through our pockets and bags at airport security. All because we could not find the immigration form we filled out half-asleep during the flight. With a travel wallet, you can keep your passport, ticket stubs, forms, card, and a handy pen all in one safe spot!

2. Hydrating Moisturizer:

If you have ever been on any flight at all, you know how dry airplane air is. No matter how dewy we looked when we stepped into the flight, it’s impossible to come out of it with that same healthy skin. Avoid that situation entirely with a good hydrating moisturizer at your aid. Perfect skin, lips, hair... Get it all!

3. Offline Maps

If you have ever found yourself stuck in an unknown location, you know how helpful GPS Maps can be. But sometimes, that ‘unknown’ location can be an internet-less zone at midnight. Take the safer route and have an offline map saved on your phone or even an old-school paper map. 

4. Comfortable Shoes:

A perfect way to ruin your day of sight-seeing is not being able to walk. Go flat or go home, literally. Sneakers can also be super chic anyway!  If you want heels, opt for a sturdy chunky one with some grip on the sole.  You never know which cobblestone or dock you’ll come across. 

5. Universal Adapter:

Having your phone at 1% battery might not be the best time to discover that the outlets in this country are different than the ones back home. Prevent your charger from being ineffective with this pro tip. 

6. Portable Charger:

Roaming around a new city might be all fun and games until you start running out of charge and can’t find an outlet! Carry a portable charger with you at all times. Make sure you can take that picture or find your hotel’s address for your taxi.

7. Cash:

This is becoming more obsolete, but it’s still king in parts unknown. Use it for tipping or when there are no credit card machines. P.S. Sometimes you get a better deal when you pay with cash.  

8. Alta 8’s Arm Sleeves:

Now that we are talking about versatility, how can we forget our arm sleeves? Lightweight and compact, this accessory can provide you protection against the harsh tropical sun or warmth in the cold arctic region. Need to go somewhere you need to cover your arms or your tattoo sleeve? We can help ;)

9. Masks:

You might have your opinion about wearing one, but the truth is that public places are refusing entry without them. Always carry one with you. I started putting one in all of my bags so that I’d never forget them. 

10. A Sarong:

A Sarong can be a lifesaver when you visit places that require you to cover your shoulders, knees, or head. They are also light and easy to pack for a day out. 

Is there another travel essential that is a must-have for women that we missed? Let us know!

Piaget Abbasi
Piaget Abbasi

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