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Our Story

ALTA8 Fashion Arm Sleeves 

Our Origin

Alta 8 began with a simple idea - layering without disturbing the rest of your outfit. 

We have all been there...the moment we put on or take off a sweater at work, only to end up with messy hair and lipstick smudges. Or when we wear a uniform and taking off our layers means taking off the uniform, getting rid of the undershirt, and putting on the uniform all over again. Sure, we could wear a jacket. But when we get too hot, where does the jacket go... in the already-too-heavy bag? We knew there had to be an easier way.

And thus, Alta 8 Armwear was born.


Our Usage

As we further developed our vision of what the armwear could be, we realized that there were so many other instances in which it could be used:

  • When you are outdoors and need sun-protection
  • When a top or dress you like isn’t available in a modest version
  • When you need to pack light for travel 
  • When you work in an office with fluctuating temperatures
  • When you are feeling a little too self-conscious about your arms
  • When you need a quick tattoo cover-up
  • When your arms are too long for that top you like
  • When you have to take an outfit from day-to-night
  • When you just want to step up your style with a creative accessory!

Say hello to limitless possibilities!


Our Tips

Your sleeves are delicate, especially the laces. Here are some tips for wearing & removing: 

  • Treat them like socks. Collect your sleeve in your hand and gently bring around wrist. Only then, delicately pull the fabric up to desired height.
  • Remove them the same way. Push them down to your wrist, and gently remove them from your wrist.
  • By pulling them from the opposite side, you risk tearing the fabric, causing holes, and unnecessary stretching.
  • Remove all jewelry before putting on and before removing.
  • Pay attention to long nails. 


Commitment to Sustainability

Alta 8 is proud to be a part of the much-needed revolution at the forefront of society’s concerns regarding global ecological problems. 

We use dead-stock fabric to create our products, thus minimizing waste and bringing you an accessory with endless variations paired with required responsibility. 

Our packaging is also minimal and recyclable: saying no to paper or unnecessary materials. 

 Eco Packaging Badge

 Commitment to Fair and Equal Treatment

We do our best to ensure that both our products and the process of making them are beneficial to everyone. With offices in New York and Hong Kong, our manufacturer is an ideal partner for our vision, having an excellent reputation with well-known veterans in the industry. 




The current wave of producing low waste and having an ethical manufacturing process transcends far past what we wear. It’s a lifestyle and Alta 8 couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this new, more conscious age.

Welcome to the Alta 8 family!



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