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Where to Buy Modest Workout Clothes

December 15, 2020 4 min read

Where to Buy Modest Workout Clothes

If there’s one thing the modest fashionista community feels major FOMO over, it’s modest workout clothes. After all, in an era of sports bras worn as tops and leggings built to enhance your behind, how do you still preserve your modesty while working out? With all the hype that modest clothing is getting in the present day, there must be a solution for women seeking out modest gym wear. We are here to lay your worries to rest and tell you that there are brands and collections geared specifically towards this community.

Here are our top picks on the brands offering the best of modest workout clothes:

  • Dignitii:

    Dignitii is a Canadian modest activewear brand that is currently reigning in the niche. They choose fabrics that preserve one’s modesty while still providing the functionality women expect from workout clothes. They believe that fitness is about getting stronger both physically and mentally instead of showing off the wearer’s curves and abs and we, honestly, could not have said it better ourselves!

  • Kosher Casual:

    Kosher Casual is a company that is on a mission to create modest clothing basics without sacrificing quality, affordability, or comfort. They carry a range of modest workout wear that consist of everything from skirts with attached shorts or leggings to pre-tied bandanas for your swim or gym needs. Their tagline is “Modest Clothing for the Modern Lifestyle” and they truly live up to it.

  • Veil Garments:

    Veil Garments is a revolutionary brand from London that is in a league of its own. They are responsible for making the world’s first climate adapting hijab and offer women the option of exercising comfortably while being covered. This brand focuses on providing modest women the option to do anything they want and not letting their choice to remain modest limit them by providing them the correct clothing choices for it. They even offer a stay-in-place scuba hood so you don’t have to wear a hijab or headscarf during a workout! They promise to provide coverage without layering and that is exactly what they bring to the table.

  • Alta 8:

    Alta 8 offers you the opportunity to turn all your half and quarter sleeved tees into their modest versions. We offer twenty-two different arm sleeves that you can simply slide your hands into. No-fuss, no over-complicated tops that you can’t figure out how to get into. Simply carry your sleeves with you to your gym or your run in an easy lightweight pouch that your sleeves come in. Being modest doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style!

  • Nashata:

    Dubai based brand Nashata carries a modest sportswear collection that caters to all modest women’s athletic needs. This brand was established in 2013 with a modest woman living an active lifestyle in mind and they still cater to this population. They carry sports hijabs, modest sports tops, leggings, training pants, and swimwear, thus establishing themselves as the one-stop destination for all fitness-loving modest women. Nashata also makes sure to only use fabrics that have high breathability and comfort factor. With Nashata around, no modest woman can ever state not having modest activewear as an excuse for skipping their daily workout session!

  • Modli:

    Modli is a modest swimwear brand that is designed for women by women. Swimwear is a field where less has always been more and thus, the need for modesty has been greatly felt in it more than other activewear. Modli makes versatile, easy-to-wear swimsuits that you can easily wear into the water without having to worry about preserving your modesty.

  • Mumine:

    If you are someone who wants to stay on top of the latest innovation in the fabric world and integrate it into your wardrobe, Mumine is the brand for you. Mumine is an all-inclusive brand that puts modesty and modern technology in the very center of its activewear. All their clothing items are made of breathable, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking fabric and use the CoolFit technology. So you know that you are getting the best of what modest activewear has to offer!

  • Snoga Athletics:

    Snoga Athletics was launched in 2015 and has been actively changing the modest sportswear scene since then. Designer Candice Safdieh has Womanhood in the centre of all her designs. The result? Minimal shapes that are suitable for women across all races, cultures, religions, sizes, ages, and all demographics.

  • Nike:

    Sportswear giant Nike has a modest collection which is a testament to the widespread attention modest fashion is finally getting. Nike offers full-length tops, hijabs, swimwear, and leggings in a variety of colors and designs that are ready for a run, any sports, or the gym. Nike has a solid reputation in the sports community so you know that you are getting the value of your dollar as well!

  • Going to the gym or for a swim or a run does not have to be an uncomfortable experience that you feel exposed in! Covering up does not mean having to overheat or be uncomfortable while exercising, either. There are so many options available on the market today for modest activewear and sportswear. We hope you work out a sweat and still look fabulous doing it. Let us know if our list of where to buy modest workout clothes helped!

Piaget Abbasi
Piaget Abbasi

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