• Fashion Layering: Five Stylish Tips

    Posted on February 18 2020

    Fashion layering is an art, and it’s one that any fashionista wants to be adept at. Why? Because layers provide options, options provide opportunity, and opportunity is where the fun’s...

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  • How to Dress Modestly and Stay Fashion Forward

    Posted on February 05 2020

    You're nodding yes to the growing vogue-ness around modest dressing, but it’s left you wondering how to dress modestly and stay fashion forward.  Because you’re not a trend chaser, and...

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  • Modest Workout Clothing: Move Freely, Stay Covered

    Posted on January 22 2020

    Workout clothing is practically synonymous with ‘the less, the better’, but many women today are saying, ‘Enough!’, preferring more modest workout clothing.  For those of us who dress modestly as...

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  • How to Find Modest Clothing That’s Fashionable

    Posted on January 08 2020

    Knowing how to find modest clothing, now that’s not too challenging. But finding modest apparel that’s fashionable, now that has been a bit of a hurdle.  Fear not, my dear...

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  • Trendy Modest Clothing: The Down-Low on Covering Up

    Posted on December 21 2019

    Ten years ago, the phrase “trendy modest clothing” would have likely elicited thoughts of, Modest clothes? Aren’t those dowdy, oppressive outfits? And trendy? I don’t think so.  But today’s fashion...

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  • Women’s Work Clothes: Express Yourself

    Posted on December 09 2019

    Does the phrase “women’s work clothes” bring to mind excitement and fashionable creativity? Or do thoughts of comfortable women’s work clothes tend to inspire yawns? Women’s workwear can quickly skew...

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