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The Ultimate Style Guide to Tall Women’s Clothing

March 15, 2021 4 min read

The Ultimate Style Guide to Tall Women’s Clothing

If you are a tall woman, you have probably wondered why the runways are filled with girls your height, but you cannot seem to find tall women’s clothing anywhere in the stores! Or why is it that when you finally find a pair of pants that fit, your proportions look entirely off? We cannot be the only ones who have looked at other tall women like Blake Lively or Zendaya and wondered how they manage to look flawless no matter what they wear! 

Today, we have the ultimate style guide to tall women’s clothing that can help you transform your style. These are tried and tested fashion tips that have helped many other women. We have also mentioned stores that we keep going back to that cater to our sizes. After all, if the world is a runway, it deserves to see you in all your long-legged glory!

Fashion Tips for Tall Women's Clothes:

Ladies, when it comes to dressing up, knowing your body and what looks good on it is everything. Here are our top fashion tips for tall women’s clothing:

  • Keep your proportions in mind: Most stores put all tall women's clothing in a single category. But, the truth is that some of us have a longer torso than legs or vice versa. It is essential to know how your body is proportioned so you can choose what looks best for you. If you have a longer torso, high-waisted bottoms can help balance it out. But if you have a shorter torso, look for low to mid-rise bottoms that will elongate it.

  • Experiment with your waistline: As discussed in the above tip, a balanced proportion is the most flattering. Despite where your natural waist is, you can always experiment with your clothes’ waistline to find a point that complements you. Once you find it, you can choose bottoms whose waistband hit that point. If you are wearing a flowy dress, you can do this with belts or waist ties.  

  • Layering can be your best friend: As much as we try to find a  top whose sleeves come up to our wrists, we will always come across a cute one whose sleeves are just a little too short. You do not have to longingly stare at it anymore! Get that top and layer it with a great pair of arm sleeves. Alta 8 has amazing armwear in different materials and designs that will add an extra flair to your outfits. If your tops’ sleeves are going to be short, you might as well have fun with them!

  • Find the right fit: Wearing clothes with hemlines that end at the right place does not mean that you have to drown yourself in oversized clothes. Some stores recognize this sizing issue and make clothes that are targeted to the taller population. Wearing huge clothes or spending tons to get them tailored are not your only two options. We have store recommendations below where you can find clothes that will have the perfect fit for you.

  • Forget about rules and have fun: The most crucial fashion tip we have is not caring about all these ‘rules’ about what someone of your height can and cannot wear. Have fun with your clothes! Play around with them and discover what makes you feel the most like yourself. If you like six-inch heels, rock them! If you prefer horizontal striped pants, go for it! The most important accessory is confidence, and that only comes when you feel good about yourself.

  • Where to Buy Tall Women’s Apparel:

  • Lands’ End:

  • Tall women know the struggle with finding clothes all too well. If the length fits right, it is way too baggy. If it is the right fit for your body, it ends up being too short. Lands’ end is here to solve all these problems. They make garments for women with long torsos and limbs, rather than stretching an average-sized garment to be longer and bigger. Their clothes are also high-quality and durable. So, you can rest assured knowing Lands’ End items will last you for a long time.

  • Simply Tall:

  • This family-owned clothing brand has been catering to tall women’s clothing needs since 2004. They recognize that making women’s tall size clothes is more than adding an extra few inches to the garment’s length. Their clothing is made specifically for a tall woman and covers all her needs. From the pocket placement to the inseam rise, Simply Tall has you covered.

  • Long Tall Sally:

  • Long Tall Sally is an inclusive brand that carries clothing in US sizes 8 to 32 and shoes in sizes 7 to 13. LTS is here to refresh your wardrobe with their trendy, fashionable pieces that range from evening wear to workwear. They also carry jeans ranging from 32 to 38 inches in length. With Long Tall Sally, you are always guaranteed to find your perfect fit.

  • Alloy Apparel:

  • Alloy Apparel has made it a mission to inspire tall women to embrace their heights and feel good about it. They not only cater to the sample runway-sized tall girls but also the curvy glamazons. Alloy Apparel has all the latest trends ready for you to shop! It is like jeweler Harry Winston said- “People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

  • New York & Company:

  • New York & Company is a fashion heaven for tall women everywhere. Their exquisite clothing range has pieces that will help you look your best no matter the occasion! Flaunt in your long legs in a pair of New York & Company pants, or dazzle everyone in one of their skirts. They have tall women’s clothing available in sizes S to XXL (0T to 20T), so shop to your heart’s content!

    We hope you found this brief style guide helpful. If you want to know more about tall women’s clothing and how to get it right, let us know!

    Piaget Abbasi
    Piaget Abbasi

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