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Eid and Ramadan Clothes 2019: Revelations from the Runway

May 30, 2019 3 min read

Eid and Ramadan Clothes 2019: Revelations from the Runway

Mark your calendars, everyone, Eid al-Fitr is briskly approaching, bringing with it a multitude of reasons to celebrate with stylish Ramadan clothes. The long-awaited holiday marks the end of the Ramadan month of fasting, self-restraint and charity. Eid al-Fitr celebrations are shared with family and loved ones, providing plenty of occasions that require perfectly amassed ensembles.  

We dress to express; Ramadan is no different. Eid clothes are how Muslim women around the world demonstrate their refreshed approach to life. Whether it’s through use of colour, silhouettes or embracing a new trend during Eid, women’s clothes allow them to articulate the changes in their attitude and outlook, post the holy month of self-reflection.

Selecting Eid clothes for the three days of festivities is hardly a chore, but rather a challenge. The key is solving how best to convey your celebratory mood and personal improvements achieved during Ramadan.

What is Islamic style?

Fashionistas and influencers in the region rightly seize the opportunity to celebrate through costume, however modesty remains at the heart of dressing for Eid. Contemporary choices can be easily adapted to provide more coverage, ensuring religious values and family traditions are still preserved while fashion is thoroughly maintained and enjoyed. Ramadan always falls during the warm season, so think carefully about your choice of fabric. Light-weight, breathable cotton is the ideal material for daytime gatherings, while luxurious silks lend elegance to evening events.

Arm sleeves and leggings are uncomplicated ways to stylishly accessorize any outfit, achieving both modern and modest Eid outfits.

From Ramadan to Eid: What’s trending?

Lovers of fashion can adopt looks that are straight off the Fall and Resort 2019 runways, achieving up-to-the-minute style throughout the holiday period. The question of what to wear during Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr can be easily answered: what best reflects your rejuvenated self?

Voluminous, floor-sweeping skirts are in vogue, combined with vivid colours and dramatic textures that are certain to turn heads. Designers also added romantic touches to their collections this season with the use of lace, tulle, and florals, teamed with billowing pleats that will surely delight any modest dresser.

80’s power suits are back with a vengeance, capturing the essence of a strong woman who is firm in her beliefs. The traditionally masculine cuts are softened with curved shoulders, cropped hems, and flowing fabrics that transform them into powerful feminine ensembles.

Designers have taken the adage, ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ (or rather, your chest) to a whole new level with statement and slogan T-shirts that bring powerful sentiments to life.

We can easily testify to this at Alessandro Michele’s Gucci, Demna Gvasalia’s Balenciaga and Vetements and Jeremy Scott’s work at Moschino. However, Maria Grazia Chiuri for Dior reigns supreme. She has created a range of exceptionally vital and ever-relevant pieces with printed affirmations that include gems such as: We Should All Be Feminists, The Future Is Female, You Can’t Stop Me, We Will Not Be Silenced, and Girls Just Want to Have Fundamental Rights. Other incredible examples include Pyer Moss's 'Stop Calling 911 on the Culture,' Meena Harris's 'Phenomenal Woman,' Marc Jacob's 'Don't f*ck with my freedom,' and Fenty's 'Immigrant.' 

Here at Alta-8, we support the positivity of the movement, and know these simple yet significant statement options will never go out of fashion.

Eid outfits don’t necessarily have to be from a modest designer or clothing line, although it seems like every maison is jumping on the modest trend. It’s easy to transform a high, or even fast-fashion piece to a modest look with arm sleeves that provide the right amount of coverage while adding fashionista flair. Alta-8 is proof.

Lace arm sleeves by Alta-8

Remembering our commitments this Eid

Here at Alta-8, we uphold our core values quite highly and Eid al-Fitr proves an opportunistic occasion to remain faithful to our beliefs:

  • Staying sustainable through use of recycled materials and minimal packaging.
  • Embracing change with unique and updated designs.
  • Helping our clients express her individuality through our distinctive concept.
  • Remaining true to our values of being transparent and ethical.

So celebrate this Eid whole-heartedly, brimming with laughter, sympathy, and gratitude. And like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, exhibit to the world the new and improved version of yourself. Like the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: "There is nothing heavier in the scales than good character".

Piaget Abbasi
Piaget Abbasi

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