Modest Clothing Arm Sleeves: Dress to Impress

Modest clothing is having a moment: you only need to flick through the pages of Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue to see that these days, more is more.

Regardless of whether you choose to cover up for personal beliefs or it’s purely a style preference, consider yourself on trend. If you’re new to modest apparel, it’s likely there are items in your wardrobe that you are still obsessed with but that don’t quite provide the coverage you want.

Alta-8’s arm sleeves promote modest dressing, and can transform an ensemble from mainstream to modest in seconds.


How can I get in on the modest apparel trend?

Choosing to dress modestly is a way of life, and a fashionable one. It’s easy to adjust your current wardrobe by investing in some pairs of Alta-8’s sleeves which are designed to cover from the wrist to the upper arm.

The sleeves are made from carefully selected material from the cutting room of an atelier, guaranteeing fresh prints and textures that are limited edition.


Which modest arm sleeves are for me?

The most important thing about dressing modestly is that you feel confident, comfortable, super-chic and - of course - ready to take on the world!

Alta-8’s collection of arm sleeves are made from a variety of different colours, textures and patterns in order to cater to as many individual tastes and styles as possible.

Currently, there are five collections on offer in the modest apparel range:

  • Black Jersey
  • Anaconda
  • Lace
  • Crushed Velvet
  • Marble Effect

As each collection is limited edition, we recommend you check back often to see what’s new.


Cover up and support a cause

Choosing to cover up by accessorising with Alta-8 arm sleeves is positive for many reasons. Not only are you achieving style #goals, there’s another element you can feel great about.

Here at Alta-8 we’re passionate about style, and sustainability. We try our best in every aspect of running our small sustainable business to do the right thing by the environment.

Our arm sleeves are crafted from material that would otherwise end up in landfills, and we make sure packaging is kept to a minimum when we ship orders of our modest clothing.