Fashion Arm Sleeves - Responsible Style with Detail

Fashion Arm Sleeves are truly the ultimate accessory: versatile, stylish and exclusively yours. Expertly crafted using off-cuts from a high fashion atelier, each release from Alta-8 is limited edition.

Women’s arm sleeves are trending in the fashion world because of their ability to transform any outfit instantly with the introduction of color, texture and fabulous flair.

The high fashion arm warmers have the added benefit of offering protection against the elements. So if you’re attempting to avoid frostbite or sunburn, do it with style.

Trending fashion arm sleeves from Alta-8

Alta-8 has a limited selection of women’s arm sleeves in the following:

  • Luxurious crushed velvet
  • Intricate lace
  • Bold faux leather
  • Soft noir jersey
  • Elegant marble

The secret of fashion arm warmers

Women’s arm sleeves from Alta-8 can be used to completely change any outfit from day to play, or casual to elegant but there are a lot of other uses that make this an essential secret weapon in the wardrobe artillery of us fashionista in the know.

Fashion arm sleeves can be used to hide tattoos for occasions where they’re best kept under wraps. They instantly create a modest look from any outfit by simply adding an extra cover. They can be used as shape-wear for days when we need that little bit of extra help to feel stylish and amazing. And again, they protect skin against cold temperatures and damaging sun rays.

Alta-8’s favourite ways to wear women’s arm sleeves

One of the best things about our fashion arm warmers is that they can be worn with just about anything: they’re the very definition of effortless chic.

Our favourite thing about them is how versatile they are. The soft noir jersey can be slipped on with a wool poncho to provide extra warmth while you get from A to B without compromising your personal style underneath. Emphasise femininity and allure with the luxurious crushed velvet paired with a strapless little black dress and choker combination. Slip on the elegant marble sleeves with an oversized white shirt-dress, and nip the waist in with a belt that brings out the colour of the sleeves. The options are endless. Be minimalistic with a simple abaya and your new fashion arm sleeves. The options are endless!

Responsibly made and sustainably stylish

At Alta-8 we pride ourselves on being a sustainable small business. Our women’s arm sleeves are from recycled material that would otherwise end up in landfills, making a positive and beautiful accessory instead of more environmental waste.

We use minimum packaging when we’re shipping to our ultra-hip all over the world to further reduce our impact, without compromising the up-to-the-minute style and quality of our fashion arm sleeves.