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Modest Workout Clothing: Move Freely, Stay Covered

Modest Workout Clothing: Move Freely, Stay Covered

Workout clothing is practically synonymous with ‘the less, the better’, but many women today are saying, ‘Enough!’, preferring more modest workout clothing

For those of us who dress modestly as a way of life, and also want to be athletic, the choice is often to either workout privately or, when exercising in public, make due with garments that aren’t well-suited for exercise. 

Whatever the reason for wanting modest workout wear, one truth binds us all: we want function and fashion, substance and style. Thankfully, it’s arriving! 

Where modest exercise clothing of the past has been rather uninspired or hard to find, or simply nonexistent, modern modest activewear manufacturers are making up with more choices that are getting nods from fussy fashionistas. 

The challenge is always in melding the need for agility with the desires of covering up. But, as the saying (sort of) goes, Where there’s a will, women will find a way.

The More Is More Trend

The fashion world is heralding the rise of on-trend modest looks, all over the globe, and across cultures. From the UAE to the EU and on the to USA, ladies are noticing the more stylish ways to cover up. And embracing it. 

Be it for reasons of spirituality or style, or the simple desire to be less exposed, more and more women are delighting in modern modesty. From runways to retail, the world of high fashion media and design, as well as global brand leaders are embracing this trend with gusto. 

It’s making how to find modest clothing that’s fashionable easier by the day.

And those trends in the larger fashion arena, they’re influencing what’s coming out of the activewear world, and media, as well. As more fashion-forward looks become available for everyday wear, the offerings for modern workout clothes that cover are becoming more bountiful.

Today’s active modest-dressing women can workout comfortably, and look great.

However controversial it may have been, to see evidence of this, one need look no further than Halima Aden landing the cover of the (itself often controversial) Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue for 2019. Aden is featured wearing a burkini. 

This speaks volumes to the mainstream appeal of workout wear with greater coverage. Even while swimming; even at the beach. In the arena regularly defined by the skimpiest of skimpy clothesdressing for the beach and swimmingwomen who dress modestly now have options.    

Modest Workout Clothes Ideas 

You might wonder, What exactly doesmodest workout clothing entail? Here are a few ideas:  

  • Closer-fitting tights (to wear under a skirt or dress)
  • High-neck, long-sleeved top
  • Activewear tunic
  • Loose-fitting, hip-covering length outerwear top 
  • Activewear skirt (to wear over tights)
  • Activewear dress (to wear over tights)
  • Arm warmers or arm sleeves
  • Burkini

Fabric and Fit Are Your Activewear Foundation

Two elements that distinguish activewear from your everyday wardrobe are fit and fabric. The most important part about fit is the ability to move freely. 

Fabric fuels your ability to move, because materials used for workout clothes are made to stretch and bend with you. These performance materials are also made to wick moisturethat is, pull moisture away from youand to dry quickly. 

A big advantage to performance fabrics is that they tend to be lighter weight. And because they quickly release moisture, like perspiration, they don’t get weighed down when you get warm. This is in contrast to fabrics that have a high percentage of cotton. 

For women in cooler areas, wool makes an excellent activewear fabric choice. It’s naturally wicking and doesn’t absorb odor.  

These key factors of fabric and fit contribute to your comfort. 

Arm Sleeves: An Activewear Staple 

A garment that’s long been an athlete go-to, and is making a splash in the larger fashion arena, is arm sleeves. 

This elegantly simple but wildly useful accessory is a regular item in the closet of many a runner, dancer, or bicyclist. Arm warmers cover from wrist to the upper arm. They’re easy to put on and remove. 

For the modest-dressing woman, they can be used to add extra coverage with a short-sleeved garment. In warmer environments, this provides the ability to easily remove your sleeves when appropriate. 

Arm sleeves can also be worn under other garments for a bit of extra warm. They’re incredibly versatile. Add to that, they’re light and easy to carry, so make for excellent on-the-go pieces. 

Alta 8 is a pioneer in fashion arm sleeves, and the black jersey arm sleeves can easily double as streetwear fashion or activewear accessory. 

The 82%/18% nylon/spandex blend fabric provides those much-needed wicking and flexibility properties. And the stay-put fit means they’ll stay in place, whatever activities you partake in (our founder is a dancer, so we’ve got some experience here). 

Find Your Fitness, Find Your Look

Now, like never before, modest-dressing women have varied options to express their style. The coupled uptrend inmodest workout clothing offers comfort and freedom of movement, for whatever level of coverage you desire.

Piaget Abbasi
Piaget Abbasi

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