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How to Find Modest Clothing That’s Fashionable

January 08, 2020 3 min read

How to Find Modest Clothing That’s Fashionable

Knowing how to find modest clothing, now that’s not too challenging. But finding modest apparel that’s fashionable, now that has been a bit of a hurdle. 

Fear not, my dear chic shopper who wishes to go less exposed. We’re here to tell you how easy it is. 

Tuning Up Traditional

While there is no set manual of what modest dressing is—and we know that modest dressing looks different from region to region and religion to religion—there are some general guidelines that tend to hold true throughout. 

Modest apparel  generally abides by the following descriptions: 

  • Covers the legs down to the ankle
  • Covers the arms down to the wrists
  • Covers the torso up to the neck
  • Is made of opaque, not sheer, fabric
  • Does not accentuate body shape
  • Is fluid and draped
  • Is comprised of multiple layers of fabric

Traditionally, this can skew toward neutral-colored, dull garments that are out of step with the modern fashion conversation. Or so goes the reputation. 

But that reputation is stepping towards going, going, gone: more and more women and designers are asking for, creating, and embracing modest dressing that’s fashionable. 

In fact, the  modest clothing trend is hot, from catwalks to covergirls. 

Find Your Fashion

Any fashion quest begins with finding your own style. It’s fab to be on trend, but only when it feels authentically you. 

So before you start scouring the internet for the next best  modest clothing website or hippest  modest clothing brands, home in on what you love and what loves you.

What’s the difference? you ask. Certainly, follow your bliss when you’re choosing your look. But also, be very clear on what works for your body and coloring. Just because Mariah Idrissi can rock it, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your jam. Do you. 

Some Easy Steps to Styling You

Whether you’re air-tight on your apparel attitude or still finding your fashion flavor, it never hurts to be open to inspiration. 

Track your taste with a Pinterest board or a good old fashioned IRL storyboard, pulling colors, patterns, and ensembles that speak to you. 

A lot of modest fashion is about draping and layering. This is an excellent opportunity to play with texture, color, and patterns. Find items you can mix and match and combine in different ways. 

Help your process along by following how the pros and fashion icons do it. Follow the advice of always on point, guy with the fashion eye (and such fabulous hair!), Tan France. 

In his new book,  Naturally Tan, France advises looking to celebrities who have style sense you love. We’ll extend that suggestion to include stylists and influencers. 

To get your started,  Harper’s Bazaar suggests  twelve modest dressing Instagram fashionistas to track, including Sobia Masood and Noor Tarouri. Fully styled ensembles inspire creative ways to find your full fashion voice. 

So, Where Is Fashionable Modest Clothing? How Do I Find It? 

Now that you’re ready to let rip your less exposed style expression, let’s be like Salt-n-Pepper and get back to the subject: how to find modest clothing that fits your fashion needs. 

Since more and more mainstream designers, as well as new and cutting-edge apparel visionaries from around the world are focusing on modest fashion, the options are growing daily. The more that’s available of course, the easier it is to find. 

You can also piece together modest ensembles with garments you can find at most clothing stores. Look for tunics, long skirts, long-sleeved blousesgarments that, when worn together, provide the level of coverage you want. 

Accessories like scarves and arm sleeves are excellent to always have on hand for extra coverage. Alta 8 is a pioneer in  fashion arm sleeves, with an aim to provide women with  easy and convenient additional coverage when they need it. 

Our arm sleeves come in a variety of textures, colors, and prints to provide style options to fit your look: rich  crushed green velvet, fierce black snakeskin, and classic matte black are among the options.  

As the fashion world makes the search forhow to find modest clothing increasingly easier, the only question that remains is, In what exciting new ways will you make it your own?

Piaget Abbasi
Piaget Abbasi

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