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How to Dress Modestly and Stay Fashion Forward

February 05, 2020 3 min read

How to Dress Modestly and Stay Fashion Forward

You're nodding yes to the growing vogue-ness around modest dressing, but it’s left you wondering how to dress modestly and stay fashion forward. 

Because you’re not a trend chaser, and you are an eco-minded fashionista who thinks forever rather than fast fashion.

You’re a woman who seeks her own layered language of stylish speech instead of following doled out dictates and getting blurred into the herd. 

First Things First: How to Dress More Modestly

The beauty of this growing interest in dressing modestly is that there are no hard-set rules, so there’s room to make it your own. Guidelines, yes. Absolutes about how that must be followed, not as much. Now, even modest workout clothing is on the rise.

General principles include layering loose garments that don’t accentuate body shape; covering the chest, arms, and legs; working with opaque fabrics over sheer materials. 

The door is open to interpret how this happens, and women around the globe are making modesty their own. Where, previously, this type of dressing used to have a reputation of being blah, bland, dull, today it’s exciting and innovative. 

From the boardroom to the boardwalk, women are re-imagining where modest and modern meet. Within these broad guidelines of modesty is a huge space to find your own expression. 

What Does Fashion Forward Mean to You?  

You know it when you see it, right? The woman on the street with the look that’s just right; it works. Not trendy, but in the now. Looks like a million dollars, but who’s to say how much it really cost. Because it's as much about how she wears it as it is about what she's wearing. 

You can sense it: that outfit, that’s her. And that? That’s fashion forward: it’s all about creativity and owning your look. And the blessing and the challenge is that we each get to find it for ourselves.

A key to fashion forward is developing an elegant blend of style and substance. You want your look to work for you, not the other way round. Multi-functionality is a must, as you move through changing environments, embrace different roles, move from day to night. You’re ready for whatever life presents. 

Pulling It All Together

Here’s why fashion forward and modesty go so well together: the more is more mode of modest dressing means ample opportunity to experiment with your own stylish excellence. 

Find your voice in mixing patterns, colours, textures. Seek Instagram inspiration. Surf on Pinterest.  Are you aiming for how to dress modestly but trendy? Or elegant? Or sporty?

Change it up for the seasons: how to dress modestly in summer and how to dress modestly in winter have their own distinct feel. What palette says spring? What are the textures of fall? Wool in winter is always a winner. 

The Power of Accessories: Psst, We’re Talking About Arm Sleeves

Whoever said that good things come in small packages must have been talking about fashion accessories: it’s no secret that it’s the little touches that make the biggest statement in an ensemble. 

That’s why fashion arm sleeves are a stylish modest dresser’s new BFF. 

Here are a few things to cherish about Alta 8 arm sleeves: 

  • Easy slip-on, slip-off as appropriate
  • Lightweight
  • Snug fit for no-slip wearability
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Perfect for travel
  • So many styles, to fit so many looks
  • Fit in a bag or pocket
  • Sustainably made, with deadstock

We hope that last feature really caught your eye because it’s one that drives Alta 8: sustainability is core to our mission. (It’s also why we were so excited that radical sustainability was out front at the recent Copenhagen fashion week.) 

We team up with select ateliers to use the fabric they’ve already had made. So our offerings are exclusive and eco-friendly. They’re also high quality, so they’re built to last. Alta 8 is proud to be part of the growing ethical, sustainable trend in the fashion world. 

And since layering with arm sleeves provides a fraction of the outfit, you’ll forever be moving your fashion forward with them. 

Modest dressing inspiration and the garments to realize it are out there. Move your style forward by exploring how to dress modestly and fashionably, and authentically you. 

Piaget Abbasi
Piaget Abbasi

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