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Minimalist Outfit Tips: Make the Most of Less

March 29, 2020 4 min read

Minimalist Outfit Tips: Make the Most of Less

The time is nigh to try the  minimalist outfit. The rebirth of spring is upon us, making it a perfect time to clear out the clutter from your life and your wardrobe. Paring down is the new styling up. So where to start?

What Is Minimalist Style?

Going minimal is simply a matter of culling your look down to the bare essentials, and making those count. Much as we love Cyndi Lauper in the ’80s or Elton John at all times, it’s the opposite of that. Superfantastic flourishes and boatloads of bangles be gone. Lose the riotous ruffles, darling dots, color chaos, and primal prints. 

Minimalist fashion is a back to basics look, done in style. Think classic pieces, clean, elegant, and understated. But dear style savvy sister, don’t think for an instant that this mean, going to dullsville. Skirt right by boring, and think classy, graceful.   

This look does favor a neutral, quieter color palette. But it’s not bereft of color. We’re entering spring after all, and life needs some pop after a cold, grey winter!

So while you enjoy your taupes and greys and blacks, please do punctuate with pink, yellow, turquoise, or red (just not all at once!). Go boldly minimal time and again with a monochrome look in your favorite bright tone. 

Make minimal fun. Feel sleek and chic. 

How to Get the Minimalist Look

The place to start your journey of making the most with less is to look at what exactly you need to properly cover your skin and get through your day. Basics look something like this: 

  • Clean-cut pant or skirt
  • Simple T or blouse
  • Classic jacket or sweater
  • A finely made for-all-occasions shoe (think loafer)
  • Your favorite fine carry-all 

This is simple, yes, but it isn’t easy. You want your appearance to say, I just threw this incredibly stylish ensemble of a blouse and trousers together. But we all know, that sort of knock it out of the park refinement takes a lot of forethought.

Truly going minimal, like throughout your whole look, means having fewer pieces in your closet. A well-considered approach is a must. 

You want a collection that all plays well together, such that, ideally, any top can pair with any bottom. Your goal is the greatest number of combinations possible. This means seeking fewer, but finely made pieces. Look for quality fabrics, rich textures, and saturated tones. The wow is in the craftsmanship, the tastefulness.

Enjoy the hunt for excellently made garments you’ll enjoy again and again. Think timeless beauty. Appreciate how a well-made pant hangs just so. A perfectly cut blouse achieves an artful grace. 

Take your time. Invest. Choose wisely.  

Sources of Inspiration Abound

Looking for some glamorous guidance? Your go-to minimalist diva is Victoria Beckham. This fashion icon can turn five well-pointed, no frills items into a fierce showstopping display while making it look easy. 

Find your aesthetic muses in minimalist design movements, that is, art and architecture. Check back in with the greats from the Bauhaus movement and titans like Mies van der Rohe. The order of the day is classic materials, clean lines, geometric shapes. 

Draw on the restrained radiance of works by artists Agnes Martin, Eva Hesse, Elsworth Kelly, Donald Judd, Robert Ryman. 

Of course, you can always look to the creations of well-loved clothing designers whose stock in trade is reinventing classic looks, keeping them fresh and gorgeous. Commes de Garcon, Jil Sander, and Issey Miyake are an excellent start. 

And, you aren’t alone in your desire to drill down to essentials. Today's media is rife with suggestions, from  Vogue and Harper's Bazaar to Pinterest posts and Instagram influencers. 

It’s Eco-Friendly

A side plus for cultivating theminimalist lookis that it is trendless, timeless fashion. This means taking yourself out of the fast fashion, high turnover cycle. You’re not buying for each new year or season. The goal is fewer overall items, too.  

In hand with minimalism is buying quality pieces you can enjoy for years. All of this points to consuming less, and deeply enjoying the valuable items you do deem worthy. 

The Crossover with Layering

A close friend with the minimalist look is the  layered look: keeping to simple garments that are versatile and work cohesively.

Always a smart choice in this equation is factoring in a few key multiuse accessories. Top among them is arm sleeves. 

Alta 8 is a leader in fashion arm sleeves, pioneering a stylishly functional garment that suits many occasions: from daytime casual to evening cocktails. These pieces are timeless because, When did sleeves ever go out of style? 

And at Alta 8, we take eco-friendly even one step further than advocating for  ethical clothing and sustainable living through consuming less. Our sleeves are made from deadstock fabric from exclusive atelier partners. We give new life to high-quality material that would otherwise just sit. 

How will you breath new life into your look, refining your style through the minimalist outfit? 

Piaget Abbasi
Piaget Abbasi

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