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Fashion Layering How To : Five Stylish Tips

Fashion Layering How To : Five Stylish Tips

Fashion layering is an art, and it’s one that any fashionista wants to be adept at. Why? Because layers provide options, options provide opportunity, and opportunity is where the fun’s at.

Layers give you a lot to work with, and what fashion forward female isn’t into that? It’s where you can cultivate creativity, where you can give voice to your personal vision. 

It can also be eco-friendly (something we at  Alta 8 are always in favor of  ethical clothing and sustainable fashion, it’s part of our core). ‘Well-chosen layers give tired outfits a new lease of life,” says Sirin Kale in a (very smart) Sept. 2019  article about layering for The Guardian, ‘you can shop your own wardrobe, and get ready for the new season.’ 

That is, you can forego fast, wasteful fashion in favor of refreshing what you already own. 

Layering pieces is also incredibly practical. The world of adventure wear and activewear can attest to that. You’re ready for anything the world puts in your path, be that a catwalk, boardwalk, or maybe even a forest trail. 

But our focus here, whatever path you choose to trod upon, my stylish sisters, is layering in fashion

Because there are pitfalls in the quest of how to layer clothes and key among them is your fashion becoming frump-shion. Poorly executed layering can quickly go sideways to messy mayhem, color chaos, texture tantrum! No one wants to look as if she were dressed by the Tazmanian devil. 

Fear not! We have five stylish tips to keep yourlayering fashion fabulous. 

1. Arm Yourself with a Key Layering Pieces

Some items in your closet are layering friendly and some aren’t. That’s pretty simple. Generally (but definitely not always), good layering pieces are not bulky. There are many items that are particularly useful in the layering world: 

  • Arm sleeves
  • Vests 
  • Scarves and neck warmers
  • Tights and knee-high socks
  • Lightweight wraps and ponchos
  • Lightweight cardigans, jackets, tunics

While you’re certainly familiar with most items on this list, fashion arm sleeves may be new to you. Use them to boost your ensemble and add warmth. They’re perfect for on-the-go quick changes throughout the day, without disturbing the rest of your look. 

Sleeves also help extend your wardrobe: pair them with a short-sleeve or tank garment, and use that spring/summer wear in the fall and winter. 

2. Choose Colours and Patterns Wisely

When you’re working with layers, you have the opportunity to incorporate a variety of colours and patterns. The key is to strike a balance between, ‘Ohhh, look at her,’ and ‘Oh, no, what has she done?’ 

Work within a palette of colours that play well together. Need some inspiration? Choose a fabric with multiple colours you enjoy, like a scarf, and use those as your palette. 

Or go monochrome working with tones and shades. Another option, keep to neutrals and add a daring dash of pop. 

3. Enjoy Some Textures

Texture and bulk often go hand in hand, we know (and we already established up above that bulk is typically not a layered outfit’s friend). And while you don’t want to go out looking all Michelin manlike, don’t be afraid of playing with a bit of texture. 

Just keep anything bulky in your outer layers: your scarf, overcoat, top-layer sweater, blazer. Chunky knits, thick wools, highly textured tweeds, they can add a wonderful sense of style—as well as warmth and coziness—when used sparingly and pointedly. 

4. Look to the Pros

Forever, the fashion goal is to find your own take on style, but it’s always important to have heroes and inspiration. What speaks to you? 

Aspiring painters home their skills copying the masters. These base skills serve as the foundation for their own creative expression. You can do the same. 

Find your favored Instagram feed, stylist, fashion writer, or celeb. Learn their tricks and tips, and riff off what you learn to become your own Frida Kahlo or Georgia O’Keeffe. 

5. Be Brave, Have Fun!

Making art is joyful! 

Kale states in her  Guardian article, ‘Layering is an intentional way of dressing; it takes confidence and skill,’ which is true. See above for how to build that. 

But it’s also an enjoyable way of expanding your expression and finding greater pleasure in your fashion profile. Breathe new life into your wardrobe, and how you style it. 

How will you use fashion layering to articulate your authenticity?

Piaget Abbasi
Piaget Abbasi

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