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How Eczema Sleeves for Adults Can Help Handle Your Condition

How Eczema Sleeves for Adults Can Help Handle Your Condition

If you suffer from this common condition, eczema sleeves for adults can be your new best friend! Itchy, red skin may be a significant problem in your life, but some things can make your eczema flare-ups feel a bit more tolerable. And one of the top items that offer you ease are eczema sleeves.


What Are Eczema Sleeves?

Eczema sleeves are armwear that you can easily slip on and off. They are arm accessories made of soft, breath-able fabrics that can help provide itch relief. Think soft leggings, but for your arms!

Eczema sleeves can help you improve your circumstances with your skin. Arm sleeves are available in a variety of materials and sizes, depending on your preferences. Choose a style that does not have a negative effect on your sensitive skin. 

How Can Eczema Sleeves for Adults Help You?

Eczema sleeves have proved themselves useful in helping adults with eczema in many different ways. These include:

  • Skin Protection:  The arm area is prone to constant friction and is usually in contact with various elements and surfaces. Your eczema sleeves protect the skin on your arms from having direct contact with these different surfaces and temperatures, thus, preventing inflammation.
  • Soothe Itching: We all know scratching gives instant relief but causes more long-term harm and extended healing. The urge to scratch the itch can be extremely powerful when it comes to eczema flare-ups. Not only do these sleeves help soothe your itching, but they also prevent you from scratching your skin. Even by covering the infected area so it's not visible to the eye lowers the urge to irritate the wounds. 
  • Dry Wrapping: The dry wrapping process consists of moisturizing the affected skin with a natural eczema creme. Wear the sleeves on top of the ointment for a couple of hours, or even over-night to truly see the benefits of this process. 
  • Wet Wrapping: This method is for people with moderate to severe cases. Apply your medication or moisturizer on your rashes. Dampen your sleeves with cool water and gently slip them over your arms. Wear a dry and loose layer over the sleeves. Leave them on overnight to see maximum results. 

Do not forget to consult your doctor before attempting to do the dry or wet therapy with the help of your sleeves. Eczema sleeves have different fabric compositions. A material that does not trigger someone else’s eczema can make yours worse. It is always better to read the sleeve’s composition to determine if it can work for you.

Where to Get Eczema Sleeves?

Most eczema sleeves come in plain, medical-looking designs. But if you want something a little more fun that can still help you with your condition, take a look atAlta 8’s arm sleeves. We have armwear that comes in various colours, materials, and textures that you can mix-and-match with your outfits. No one said that having eczema flare-ups has to mean sacrificing your style!

Suffering from Eczema makes life rougher, and Alta 8 is here to provide you some relief and keep it fun at the same time. Our arm sleeves have no tags, which lessens the risk of irritation. They are snugly-fit and will not slide down, which will shed skin and cause even more aggravation. Our arm-wear are available in materials like jersey, velvet, mesh, lace and many more. We provide you options that will not have an adverse reaction on your skin. Everyone is unique! 

With 22 styles, and always growing, you are sure to find something you love at Alta 8. For example, our jersey sleeves offer you the silky finish of a swimsuit, not irritating your rashes. And our mesh materials are the longest, so your sleeves will absolutely cover most of the arm. Giving you protection, style, warmth, whatever you need.... we deliver our promise of fashion meets function!

Give eczema sleeves for adults a try today, and let us know how it works for you!


Piaget Abbasi
Piaget Abbasi

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