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Streetwear Accessories: Your On-The-Go Sleeves For Your On-The-Go Life

October 25, 2019 4 min read

Streetwear Accessories: Your On-The-Go Sleeves For Your On-The-Go Life

Streetwear Accessories: Truly a Lifestyle

Items you wear every day, like streetwear accessories, define who you are. Your clothes should be smooth to guide you throughout the day; your shoes sturdy to bring you to new places; and your gadgets trustworthy to make life a bit structured.

Your accessories are there to add the accents of color, pattern, or texture that provide an extra moment of interest.Urban streetwear accessories that deliver a function are all the better. 

I know, you’re probably thinking, 'Yes, I know all about hats, sunnies, and scarves'. But no, no, we’re talking a whole new game here:

Arm sleeves.

Mic Drop. 

Here’s why arm sleeves are an excellent addition to any streetwear clothing

  • Add colour and style to any look
  • Appropriate for many occasions
  • Small and easy to pack
  • Lightweight 
  • Timeless
  • For all seasons
  • Super affordable

The Best Streetwear Accessories are On-the-Move Fashion

Arm sleeves are easy and effective streetwear clothing; women's fashion doesn’t need to be complicated or uncomfortable to look great. 

In addition to enhancing hues and final finishes, arm sleeves are easy to put on and take off, even on the go. Moving from a heated interior to the chilly outdoors? Slip on your arm sleeves as you make your way out. In the reverse, take them off, roll them up, and tuck them neatly in your bag. 

For All Seasons?

When the weather is going one direction, the indoor temperature is often extreme in the opposite direction. Arm sleeves are the perfect antidote. 

Who hasn’t walked into an office or movie theatre on a sweltering day only to sit shivering in icy air conditioning? Not when you have your arm sleeves.

Similarly, in winter, your arm sleeves can add warmth, but what about those nicely heated indoor spaces? How wonderful is it to just remove your sleeves instead of constantly pushing up long sleeves (which also stretches them out) or over-heating?


Arm sleeves are timeless because, well, when are sleeves ever out of fashion? This accessory is simply a way of breaking down a standard element of clothing and providing you the convenience of adding or removing it whenever and wherever you choose. 

And since sleeves are forever, you can count on returning to your arm sleeves season after season.  


Alta-8 Jersey Fashion Arm Sleeves

Jersey Fashion Arm Sleeves by Alta-8

For All Occasions?

Alta 8's motto is 'Limitless  Like You'. And it's exactly that.Our sensibility is elegance meets function. Use them for basic layering, modest dressing, travel options, day to night transition, under a uniform, tattoo cover . . . and anything else you choose. 

Style with a Conscience

We all should be concerned about the environment. Sadly, as much as we love fashion, we know it's one of the most wasteful industries, fuelled by the never-slowing demand for more, new, of-the-moment looks.

An obvious example is the  environmental cost of fast fashionthat is, low-priced goods that are regularly associated with rapid change, polluting, wastes, stealing high-fashion designs, and questionable or unethical policies, including using child labour.

Know that there are, however, companies in the industry that are making strong efforts to change this model. The G7 Fashion Pact comes to mind, but because 'sustainability' is such an umbrella term, any enlightened approach is welcomed.  

Alta 8 is proud to be one of a growing number of companies showing that fashion doesn’t have to be wasteful. In fact,  our mission and story centres around not just minimising waste, but maximising resourcefulness using creative thinking.

We use deadstock material to make our sleeves, which means that we give life to already-made fabric that would otherwise go unused. We also don’t add to the demand for new materials, our employee policies are of high standards, and we do as much as possible to reduce packaging waste.

It’s a plusplus benefit.

The 'Where Have These Been All My Life?' of Streetwear Accessories

If you follow fashion, which we’re guessing you might since you landed here, you may have noticed that arm sleeves aren’t widely available among streetwear clothing brands and streetwear clothing vendors. There are a plethora for athletic purposes, and a few selected pieces of haute couture collections, but not much in the middle. 

But when you think how useful, fun, and multifaceted this accessory is, you may have that moment of thinking, Right, where have these been all my life? 

So, yes, it’s true. Alta 8 is one of the only  streetwear clothing manufacturers to make truly fashionable arm sleeves, rather than sports or compression sleeves. But that’s not to say that these garments don’t have a history. 

Many types of athletes like runners, cyclists, and dancers are well familiar with arm sleeves, which are commonly referred to as arm warmers. This emphasizes the functionality of this accessory. 

On the more stylish side, arm sleeves have a close cousin to long gloves. Whereas these more formal relatives are primarily meant to be worn with proper attire, arm sleeves are more versatile, aren’t as bulky, and sans hands. 

Long gloves do remind us, however, that you can wear your arm sleeves with a sleeveless blouse or dress. Allowing the top end of the sleeve to show, creating an exposed shoulder, is an edgy option. 

Experiment with Streetwear Clothing

When it comes to fashion, an element we should all keep in mind is to enjoy the process of creating the look we share with the world. Have fun! Try new textures, create a monochromatic look, and try different ways to style your accessories. For inspiration, check out Tokyo Fashion Week, happening this week, for its abundance of flamboyant street style.

Alta 8 arm sleeves provide you a fashionable, function tool to add to your personal panache. Be your own canvas: How will you use your streetwear accessories to fashion your look today?

Piaget Abbasi
Piaget Abbasi

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