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Amp Up Your Back to School Wardrobe with Alta-8 Apparel

September 02, 2019 4 min read

Amp Up Your Back to School Wardrobe with Alta-8 Apparel

As summer comes to an end, it's practically impossible to avoid talk of "la rentrée". From Italian Ice to Pumpkin, we're preparing for fourth quarter and acclimating ourselves back into a routine for school. As you begin the transition from summer vacation to fall semester, the pressure is on to get back on track. The change from sleeping into restless nights can be a shock to one’s system. We understand how planning and organizing for the new curriculum can be a daunting task and back to school shopping for clothes could add its own contribution to the madness.

Depending on your to-do list, a wardrobe could be either the least of your priorities or among the tops. Whichever category you may fall under, we are happy to assist you in your own back to school shopping needs by providing trendy arm apparel for women that is affordable, versatile, and convenient for your lifestyle. 

Our Supply Meets Your Demand

Whether you’re a student, school personnel or the parent of students preparing for what’s coming up, the stress of getting back to school, can be an overwhelming process and transition for everyone! Planning an outfit for the day could be the last thing on your mind. We’re here to show you that getting your daily or weekly outfit choices together for the fall/winter semester doesn’t have to be discouraging, time-consuming or expensive. We have an array of arm sleeves available for you that we are confident will fit your individual taste and preferences. No matter our age, style, or profession, our accessories are sure to fit right into your outfit of the day and your daily routine.

Crushed Velvet

Save Space, Time, and Energy 

Whether you’re a busy professional, a college student, or a mom on the go, saving space, time and energy are what we all wish for, yet at times feels unrealistic and out of reach. The good news is that it’s completely possible to accomplish, often in the smallest ways.

If you’re a uni student, for example, you’re able to save space in the dormitory and your closet by replacing extra clothes and bulky overgarments (that you probably haven’t worn in ages anyway) with our arm sleeves. The size of socks, pull them out the drawer, slide them on for the coverage and style, and head out on your way. Carry them in your bag to-go for easy access whenever you need them. 

You’ll save time getting dressed, and much needed energy during laundry day by having less clothing to wash, dry and fold. Fewer clothes to wash equals less waste of valuable resources like water, electricity, detergent, plastic packaging, the list goes on… 

But Make it Fashion

Amp up what could be an otherwise basic ensemble with a touch of our rich colors and textures. You’d be surprised at how slipping on a pair of our sleeves can reform an otherwise simple outfit of your go-to jeans and T-shirt into something far more impressive. 

Jersey Arm Sleeves Alta8 Back to School

When This Season Blows Hot N’ Cold

The back to school season comes with the awkward weather phases.

Our arm sleeves come in handy for the inevitably unpredictable temperature changes during the autumn season. While it’s about that time to start covering up more, who wants to be weighed down with extra layers before the winter? Replace long sleeve shirts, sweaters, and cardigans with sleeves. You’ll eliminate the need to lug a jacket around your waist or over the shoulder for the times of the day you don’t need or desire to wear it.

Additionally, while we casually adjust to the climate fluctuations outside, there’s always the perpetual air conditioning. Board rooms, classrooms, offices, auditoriums, co-working spaces, lecture halls...are all meant to be cold. Now, you’ll be conveniently prepared, without all of the extra bulk.

Comes in Handy for Moms Too

Can’t be bothered with throwing on the same old sweaters and cardigans when you’re getting the kids off to school? Opting for arm sleeves grant you the benefit of having an adjustable accessory, goes with anything, and keeps you covered and warm. Team them with your favorite tees, blouses, button-ups, sleeveless tops, and even under shawls and kimonos. Because their material is made up of minimal fabric, they’re compact enough to be folded right up and into your pockets, bags/purses or backpacks whenever necessary. Keep a pair in the car for a reserve layer. 

Great As A Gift

Show your appreciation for the people in your life that matter and have made a difference by gifting them with a pair of our arm sleeves. They’ll make an awesome back to school gift for freshman or returning students, teachers and faculty. If you or someone you know has tattoos they must cover for school or work, these will make a great addition to their everyday lives. These can also be a lifesaver for those who suffer from noticeable skin conditions on the arms that may trigger insecurity or anxiety when exposed, such as eczema or psoriasis. 

A vital habit of successful people is preparation, planning thoroughly ahead. Be equipped this upcoming season and welcome it with ease. May we open our sleeve-covered arms to bountiful blessings and the always new beginnings in this time of transition and growth. 

Piaget Abbasi
Piaget Abbasi

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