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ALTA8 Fashion Arm Sleeves 
Alta 8 is proud to to be a part of the much-needed revolution at the forefront of society’s concerns regarding sustainability. 

Going going gone are the days of single-wear outfits, the social pressure to follow trends, and constant marketing tactics to simply consume more. The solemn mood in the air is taking charge, and awareness is more acute than ever. 

The concept of Alta 8 began with a simple idea of layering without disturbing the rest of your outfit, which would happen if you cover with an outer layer. Pair that with the added convenience of easily removing, which would not occur with an undershirt.  So we found a good place in the middle. 

Instead of buying more fabrics that are also so specific, you now have a smaller, more versatile piece made with intent and a sense of conscience. 

Using dead-stock fabrics, we’re committed to bringing you an accessory with endless variations paired with required responsibility. 

Our packaging is minimal and recyclable, neglecting the concept of ‘unboxing.’ Anything we can say virtually, we do, forgoing paper and all wasteful materials. 

Our manufacturer is an ideal partner for our vision. With offices in New York and Hong Kong, they have an excellent reputation with well-known veterans in the industry. Every time we visit, we’re greeted with massive warmth and genuine smiles. Always clean, safe, lit, temperature-controlled, equal sexes, equal pay, and numerous breaks with lots of food. 

We all know fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. But we are seeing a shift...

We’re saying goodbye to seasons and pre-seasons and resort collections urging us to continuously purchase more. 

We’re saying goodbye to destroying un-sold items simply for up-keeping a brand status.

We’re saying goodbye to the use of plastics and synthetics, polluting our air and water.

We’re saying goodbye to the out-dated usage of furs and skins.

This new ideology transcends far past what we wear. It’s a life-style and Alta 8 couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this innovative, albeit belated, age. Welcome to the family! 

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