Tattoo Sleeve Cover - Function meets Fashion

Tattoo Sleeve Covers are the easiest way to make your ink magically disappear when necessary without having to apply heavy makeup or go down the extreme route of laser removal (ouch!).

Alta-8 creates stylish arm sleeves that run from the upper arm to the wrist, providing full coverage of the arm and cleverly hiding tattoos that don’t suit the occasion.

The sleeves are expertly made from recycled fabrics that are carefully selected from the cutting room of an atelier. Rather than waste the excess fabric, Alta-8 uses it to help fashionistas put a unique accent on their wardrobe choices.

When is a tattoo sleeve cover needed?

Most people who have tattoos are proud of them and want to display them as it’s a reflection of who they are and what they stand for. Often, tattoos can be seen as an extension of someone’s personality. Some occasions however, call for them to be temporarily covered up, and that’s usually professional and formal events.

Our suggestions for when it would be a good idea to use arm sleeves to cover tattoos are:

  • Job interviews
  • During office hours or while representing your company
  • After-work events with colleagues
  • Weddings
  • Religious events
  • Formal occasions or black-tie events

How do I go about covering tattoos for work?

If you’re employed by a company that requires you to wear a uniform with short sleeves, working a tattoo cover sleeve into the ensemble shouldn’t be too difficult. Opt for a neutral color such as plain black for a streamlined look.

For jobs where you can dress with a little more personality, but not enough to showcase your ink, make the most of Alta-8’s access to premium, high fashion fabrics. A simple sleeveless dress or tailored vest and trousers combination can be transformed with a pair of patterned or textured arm sleeves to cover tattoos.

Why should I choose Alta-8’s tattoo cover up sleeve?

Apart from having behind-the-scenes access to an atelier (which is how we get our hands on the hottest trending fabrics) we pride ourselves on being a sustainable small business.

We create our arm sleeves from recycled material and use minimum packaging, so you can feel (and look) great when you opt for an Alta-8 tattoo sleeve cover.