Sun Protection Arm Sleeves: Fashion Meets Function

Sun protection arm sleeves are the ultimate summer accessory, relevant now more than ever.
Forget the sunscreen and save time (and your skin) by keeping a pair of Alta-8’s sun protection arm sleeves handy in your handbag or backpack and slip them on whenever, wherever.

Expertly crafted from uber-cool fabrics sourced from the cutting room floor of an active atelier, our sun protection sleeves provide full coverage from the wrist to the upper arm. The lightweight material is thin enough so your skin can breathe, and while our sleeves are not currently made from UV protection material, they’ll still block out harmful rays that cause irreparable skin damage.

According to the experts, wearing clothing (rather than pesky, greasy sun creams) is the best way to protect your skin, providing blockout protection, without all the fuss.

Which are the best women’s sun sleeves?

Aside from protecting your skin from the sun, our sleeves blend into your wardrobe, appealing to your sense of style and giving a splash of personality to what you’re wearing.

Alta-8’s latest range includes the following chic options:

  • Anaconda
  • Jersey
  • Marble
  • Crushed Velvet
  • Lace

How do I style my women’s sun sleeves?

Think of your sleeves as arm protectors from the sun, but also as an accessory - an accent to your sense of style.

Just like any other outfit or accessory you select, take a moment to think about how the colour works with your skin tone, how the fabric blends into your lifestyle, and how your sleeves will slip seamlessly into your wardrobe and complement what you already have.

Why Alta-8?

Here at Alta-8, we blur the lines between our love for fashion and our dedication for function.

When we thought of creating sun protection sleeves, we realised we’re ticking more boxes than we thought. Not only are the sleeves a chic option in modest clothing for women, they lend personality to the discerning fashionista’s wardrobe.

In addition, we use recycled fabrics so you not only look good, but you will feel great about what you’re wearing. Alta-8 is a small sustainable business, and we pride ourselves on our environmental efforts. We only use fabric that otherwise would end up in a landfill, and ensure our packaging is kept to an absolute minimum when you select our sun protection arm sleeves.