Arm Shaper Sleeves for Women: Fashion’s New Secret Weapon

Arm shaper sleeves give a sleek and streamlined silhouette to fashion aficionados in the know. They’re a stylish secret weapon that can be kept tucked in a handbag to change up an outfit in seconds and give a quick and easy confidence boost.

The arm slimming sleeves reach from the wrist to the upper arm and are made with supportive material that has just a hint of stretch for a toned effect. The fabric is super chic, sourced from an active atelier so your arm slimmers are guaranteed to be on-trend.

Slip on the arm shaping sleeves and enjoy an instant confidence boost as your arms appear slender and more shapely.

Which are the best arm slimming sleeves?

The best sleeves for giving the impression of slender arms are the ones that suit your personal style, fit comfortably and make you feel like a million dollars.

Every collection of arm shaping sleeves from Alta-8 is limited edition: the range is constantly evolving and changing, just like you. Currently, there are five different types to choose from, including:

  • Black Jersey
  • Anaconda
  • Lace
  • Marble Effect
  • Crushed Velvet

Your arm shaper sleeves can be worn with casual get-ups, adding contemporary flair to a casual outfit or elegance to an evening ensemble. There’s no limit to the different ways you can style and shape your arms, and you’ll be surprised at the versatility and variety of the sleeves.

How do I incorporate arm shapers into my wardrobe?

One of the many great things about Alta-8’s arm shapers is that they’re easy to seamlessly incorporate into any wardrobe.

If you’re already an outlandish dresser, consider a pair of sleeves that won’t clash with your get-up. Similarly, if you’re teaming them with a work uniform, opt for a neutral colour that doesn’t take away from you representing your employer.

If your wardrobe is fairly low key and you prefer understated elegance, opting for textures and colours is likely to suit you better. The Marble Effect sleeve or Crushed Velvet add depth and flair to block colour outfits.

Slimming sleeves you can feel good about

Here at Alta-8, we create ubercool accessories to enhance your wardrobe and let you live your best life. While we’re doing that, we’re also taking care of something else we care about: the environment.

We run a small sustainable business. Every pair of slimming sleeves we make is meticulously crafted from recycled fabric that would otherwise end up in landfill. We also use the absolute minimum when it comes to packaging our arm shaper sleeves.